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We help you invest in the crypto market like a professional. Simply select a smart portfolio and get started straight away.

With just one click, you invest in a bundle of different cryptocurrencies and can diversify your investments across the top crypto assets.
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Earn & Combat Inflation With Up to 5% Annual Returns

With the Euro Bonus Account you receive up to 5% interest on your investment.
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Deposit, Withdraw And Switch Portfolios All Around The Clock.

All with the tap of a button.
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Diversify Your Investments.

Portfolios offer the best opportunity to invest in a diversified way and incorporate cryptocurrencies into your investment strategy.
I really wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies but didn't know exactly which ones. Bitcoin alone was a bit risky for me. But a good mix in a portfolio makes sense to me.
Especially for me as a crypto newbie, investing with Coinpanion was super easy! Thanks also to the fast and reliable support! I am excited about the future and look forward to new features.
Coinpanion's products in connection with the savings plan are really great. The professional customer service also makes you feel very well looked after.

Smart Crypto Portfolios available in the App and on Desktop

Coinpanion enables anyone to profit from the dynamic crypto market and invest like a professional. We accompany you through the entire journey from single market entry to the ongoing optimisation of crypto investments and automated tax reporting. You can choose from different smart portfolios, which revolve around innovative technologies such as NFTs, DeFi, the Metaverse and cryptocurrencies.

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Diversification made easy
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Personal and automated savings plan in just a few taps
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Smart rebalancing optimises returns on an ongoing basis
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Free tax report ready to download whenever you need it
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Meet Our Team

We have been successfully investing in cryptocurrencies since 2015 thus have weathered setbacks and extreme market volatility. Our many years of experience helped us build a product that fits your investment needs.

Our team of highly motivated, passionate and skilled crypto enthusiasts from all over the world works on making investment in digital assets accessible to everyone. With our team of over 35 people based in Germany and Austria, we aim to spread innovative technologies throughout the European continent.

About Us
Florian Gschwandtner
Coinpanion was my first investment in the crypto space. I am super proud to be a part of this journey. With Coinpanion, crypto investing is made easy, which is why I am an enthusiastic customer myself.

Florian Gschwandtner

Founder of Runtastic
Eva Ogriseg
Coinpanion offers me exactly what I have been seeking for over 3 years: a simple and straightforward access to crypto investments. The different portfolios also make it possible to diversify and enter new future fields such as Metaverse, web3, NFTs.

Eva Ogriseg

CEO of tba network
Michael Poetscher
There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies and keeping track of them is enormously time-consuming. This is exactly what Coinpanion offers, a solution that has been missing on the cryptocurrency market until now. Coinpanion is an optimal product for all those who don't have the time to deal with cryptocurrencies regularly but still want to be part of it.

Michael Poetscher

Former CMO of Bitpanda
Johann "Hansi" Hansmann
Behind Coinpanion is a top team. The start-up makes it as easy as possible for everyone to enter the crypto world. I have already invested in various portfolios and see great potential!

Johann 'Hansi'

Founder of Hansmen Group
Gabriel Enczmann
As an entrepreneur, I like to keep up to date with new trends and advances. With the NFT & Metaverse portfolio, I can invest in the future and profit at the same time.

Gabriel Enczmann

COO & Co-Founder of RoX Health GmbH
Anton Kittelberger
I see great potential in cryptocurrencies and invest for the long term. The balanced portfolio allows me to diversify broadly within the crypto market without exposing myself to unnecessarily high risks.

Anton Kittelberger

Co-CEO & Co-Founder of
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