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Especially for me as a crypto newbie, investing with Coinpanion was super easy! Thanks also to the fast and reliable support! I am excited about the future and look forward to new features.
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I'm really happy with the new portfolios in particular. I don't know much about crypto and don't have the time to research news and current developments every day, so the app is ideal for me!
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I really wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies, but didn't know exactly which ones. Bitcoin alone was a bit risky for me. But a good mix in a portfolio makes sense to me.
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It was super easy for me to invest. I've wanted to invest in crypto for a long time without having to manage it all myself. Therefore, I can only recommend it for people like me!
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Coinpanion's products in connection with the savings plan are really great. The professional customer service also makes you feel very well looked after.
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Coinpanion in The Media

Unlike classic crypto exchanges, which primarily specialise in trading and exchanging individual cryptocurrencies, Coinpanion entices you with ready-made portfolios in which you can invest depending on your risk tolerance and area of interest.

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Coinpanion offers an online platform for entering the crypto market. Instead of investing in individual cryptocurrencies, users can invest in diversified portfolios. This way, the risk can be minimised.

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The Austrian crypto start-up Coinpanion is expanding: In the future, customers are expected to increasingly come from Germany. For the expansion, Coinpanion is cooperating with the banking houses Scheich and von der Heydt.

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The Austrian FinTech start-up Coinpanion has increased its funding round from 1.8 million euros last autumn to 5.5 million euros. The money comes from some very illustrious names.


The company offers services around cryptocurrencies: from simple market entry, ongoing optimisation of crypto investments to automated tax reporting.

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Vienna-based crypto startup Coinpanion is betting on the demand for investment beyond the stock exchange and has increased its seed round from €1.8 million to €5.5 million.


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